The survey

The original survey, launched in June 2015, asked for unanswered questions about the diagnosis, prevention, care and treatment of alcohol-related liver disease from people affected, their families and the people who care for and treat them.  238 responses were received, from across the UK, submitting around 1,000 questions.

These 1,000 questions were checked against current evidence and merged or de-duplicated where necessary.  This left 45 unanswered questions that were published in a second survey.  268 patients, carers and health professionals responded to this second survey and told us which were the most important questions in their experience.

In a final priority setting workshop on 16th September 2016, patients, carers and health professionals discussed the 25 questions voted as the most important and jointly agreed on what the final order of priority should be.

A full report of the Priority Setting Partnership will be published here soon.




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